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Our good leaddog"Gaston" has become a father to two litters!

The first one was at Zyklonens kennel. And there the proud mother "Zyklonens Beautiful Noise" gave birth to 9 wonderful puppies! They have alredy moved to their new homes. We hope they will became good and active working dogs!

The second litter is at Snötrollens kennel. Their good leaddog "Sorba" got 10 fine puppies, fem girls and fem boys! Se pictures and read more about the litter at theirwebpage here-->>


We have decided to reduce the number of samoyeds and therefore we are looking for a new home for"Peak".

She is a very nice dog and have proven herself in the trail.

Peak would love to live in a aktive family with a few or no other dog. She likes other dogs, but she gets stressed in a larger pack. We would really like her to get more attention than we have the time to give her. She does not need to run before a sled to be happy, she just want to be with you whatever you like to do!

If you are interested in giving Peak a new home, don´t hesitate to contact us for more information!!


It has been a while since we uppdated our website, so here is some news!

This year the swedish winter hasn´t been the best, so we haven´t been able to use our sleds at home. But we have participated in some races and we vent to a lovely vacation in Drevdagen so a little snow we have seen.

In februari we vent to our annual samoyedmeeting i Furudal. Lenya participated in the show and ske became BOS!! Thank you, judge Christina Bjerstedt-Ohlsson!

This year I (Camilla) was the musher for the first time in 4-dogs class! The team was Lava and Lenya in lead and Storm and Lenskij in wheel. They were incredible and we ended in 3:e place! Congratulations to the many time goldmedalist, Fredric Petri and the very good silvermedalist Christina Nisula!!

Thank you all for a very nice time in Furudal as always!

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