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Some new pictures ofSerac!


With this wonderful pictureCindie and Isella sends a greeting from Luleå! Click on their namnes to visit their own pages! Thank you Josefin for the great pictures!!


Little Serac has his own page now-->>


Our Mimas now live his life as a retired sleddog with Rose-Marie in Älvdalen! He now has the best time of his life with a lot of love and attension of his new "mom"!!

Best friends!!


Today the latest member of the puppiepack has left the kennel! This time it was Mr Green/White "Milo" who moved to his new owners, the Eriksson family. We wish you the best and know he will have a great time at your place!!

The Three Musketeers, Rasmus, Casper & Milo!

Mr Red/White "Serac" will stay with us at the kennel.


Yesterday Mr Green, Izor, left the kennel to live with Pia & Björn Ohlson in Bollnäs! We wish them our very best with this special boy!

Pia and Izor


Today the puppies became 8 weeks and the first one has moved to her new home. Little miss Isella is going to live with her aunt Cindie and Josefin and Johan in Luleå. We wish the best of luck with their new little member of the pack!

Josefin and Isella!

New pictures of the puppies here-->>


Some new pictures of the puppies here--->>


Sadly, the number of pups decreased... New pictures here-->>


New pictures of the puppies--->>>


The puppies are 4 weeks now! Look at the new pictures--->>>


Some new pictures in the puppiegallery--->>>


Some new pictures of the puppies --->>


Unfortunately there is only 6 left in the puppiebox... The little guy did not make it... But we are so happy for the remaining 6!


Look at the newpuppie gallery here--->>>


The puppies are born!!Look here-->>


Last weekend was tha last race for the season for us!! It's so sad that the winter passes so fast...

The race was in Ryssjön and  Chrille participated in the 6-dog class with Gaston, Amalthea, Lenskij, Lenja, Storm and Celsius. It was not the best weather for the samoyeds, to hot and humid, but the teams got around anyway. Our team ended in a 3:e place.

Congratulations to Christina Nisula who won this competition and to Fredrik Petri who came second!

                                                    Gaston and Lenja in the lead then shows Storm and Celisus.

Even Nansen and Naali did participate in the race with Samuel as a muscher (he also had Chiyo and Peak in the team). They ended in a 5:e place.

                                                   Chiyo and Naali in the lead, then Peak, Nansen and Clara. Behind Nansen is a glimpse of Emmet.


Now Chiyo is bred to Storm so hopefully there will be puppies in april! Read more here-->>


It has been an intense and joyfull week in Furudal! We have met many happy samoyeds and their enthusiastic owners! During fridays show the sun warmed us, so it became a nice event. In the show Celsius and Lenya participated and the judge Per Harald Nymark gave them both excellent and Lenya even got a CC!

During friday night, Christina and Håkan Nisula told us about their long trip with their 14 samoyeds from Särna to "treriksröset".  It was very inspiring to listen to. They also showed us lovely pictures from the swedish mountains.

The "puppies" inpressed us a lot during the race! Chrille had Lenya, Lava, Celsius, Amaltea, Lenskij and Storm in the team and it resulted in a GOLDMEDAL! Amazing for their first competitiv race! Celsius even got the title SE (POLAR) CH!  Lenya, Lenskij, Lava and Storm all got the title PDP!

Cassamira's Titan "Nansen" and Cassamira's Ice Peak "Naali" past the test for DP 20+! Congratulations Nathalie and Samuel, you are the best!!

Congratulations to Fredrik (and Linda) at Snötrollens kennel who had the best time in the race and won GOLD i the 4-teams class.

Chrille even drove a Dragprov 60 (2x30 km) in Lomsjöhed during the week with Gaston, Amalthea, Lenskij, Lenya, Lava and Storm. They really inpressed us (again) when they fought in very heavy tracks (snow poured down) and passed the merits as the 3rd best team! Congratulations to Håkan Nisula and Fredrik Petri who had the best times and congratulations to all of you who completed the test and therefore past it! Thanks to Mats, Birgit and Tarja for the tracks and amazing service at the grill! And all other for very good company!

                                  Lava and Gaston leads the team during the dragrov 60 test in Lomsjöhed.


We are planning puppies! Look here for further information-->>


The event in Nederhögen was very joyfull and all our four "puppies" passed the test "Draggprov 60"! We are very happy for that!


We have had a great start of the new year with a wonderful vacation including a lot of dogsledding in Lomsjöhed!

Furthermore, both Chiyo and Peak made their final tests for the championchip and they have now recieved the titles SE (POLAR) CH!

Thank you all for a lovely stay in Lomsjöhed!

Back home again we realized that the long awaited snow had melted away, but at least we have a couple of degrees below zero now...

In two weeks time, "the puppies" are making their debuts in the race tracks, when we are going to Nederhögen trying for the "Dragtest 60". It's the first time we participate in this event, that is very appreciated, so we are really looking forward to it!

A wonderful day in the trail!

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