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This is the great results of "Gaston" and "Ulla" at kennel Vinterborgen in Norway!

"Jeppe" 7 weeks

"Zita" and "Lilli" 7 weeks

"Jeppe" is moving to Switzerland, "Zita" are staying in Norway and little "Lilli" are staying at kennel Vinterborgen! We wish them all good luck with the wonderful puppies and hope they eventually will be great sleddogs!!


We are happy that Gastons daugter "Lenya" moved in to our kennel! She runs in lead with her father on the picture below. Look here at her own page-->>

  Chiyo runs happily in front of the little team!


It's confirmed that Gaston will be father to a litter at kennel Vinterborgen in Norway! We are very excited of this combination and are really looking forward to it! Read more here--->>>


We have gotten to know the bad side of dogownership when we lost our little Taiga because of a fast growing catarakt. Within a few days she lost vision. It was always full speed on her so the house feels very empty right now...

Also Bianca have taken the place at the "memory lane".


We have got som new wonderful pictures of Cindie! Thank you Josefin and Erik! Look at them here -->>


Some new pictures have been uploaded in the gallery and furhermore new pictures of Gaston,Chiyo,Chess,Storm,Lava,Lenskij and Taiga!


This incredible house belongs to little Cindie (as you can se by the nameplate)! Thank you Erik and Josefin for this lovely pictures! I have finally updated her page with them.See them here-->>

Cindie when she was 9 weeks


Katri's samoyed, Amadeus, sadly had to leave us and he is now in "our memory lane". He will be missed!!

Happily a new little boy has arrived to her family. It's a little american cockerspaniel boy who is called "Morris".


"Our" good sleddog Ksena (Great Antarctic Krasneja Ksenia, owner and breeder Elga Carlsson) has now the title SE (POLAR) CH!!

Ksena was running in our team in the season of 2010-2011 and she is also the mother of Lenskij and Taiga.


This years "samojed happening" is now ended. It's always so nice to meet new and old friends again! This year did'nt any of our adoult dogs participate in the show, but all our four puppies did! 15 puppies entered the competition and the judge was Christina Bjerstedt-Ohlsson. Lenskij, Storm och Lava got HP (price of honor) and Lava finally became 2:e best female puppie. Storm became BOS puppie. Gaston's beautyful doughter, Great Taigans Litoja, became BOB puppie. CONGRATULATIONS Diana!

Lava, Taiga och Lenskij.

BOS puppie Litoja!

During friday night we enjoyed a tasty dinner and listened to our mainjudge Annica Uppström who told us her story with our wonderful breed.

During the weekend the traditional sledcompetetition took place. Chrille participate in the 6 dog class with Gaston, Amalthea, Peak, Celsius (only for the first day), Mimas and Bianca. This year they found themselves beaten by the fast team of Fredrik Petri and also by Håkan Nisula. But they could hold on to the 3:e place!

Congratulations to you all!

      The puppies and Chess on the lake in Furudal.

During the following week our team did a sleddogtest 60 in Lomsjöhed. We had the opportunity to stay with our dear friend Tarja (who has been helping out preparing the tracks)! It was 10 teams who participate the race and almost every team did make the merits!!

In Chrille's team did Gaston, Amalthea, Peak, Celsius, Bianca and Little Rocky's Queen Bella Donna participate.

Peak and Gaston in the lead.


Today we went skijoring with the puppies! The sun was shining from a deep blue sky and the winter is finally here!. Here is som pictures from the lovely day:

First Taiga and Lava...

..and then Storm and Lenskij.

We also had the pleasure to meet Ice and her family. Lava and Storm happely chased her around and around...


Lava has a firm grip on Ice's tale!

Ice at full speed with Storm right behind her!

Now we can only hope that the winter is here to stay!!

news 2011-->>

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