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Lava and Storm's pages are uppdated with some new pictures.


Some new pictures in thegallery and at Lenskij's page.


Kennel Great has a little boy available after Gaston och Ksenia. His name is Leonid and he is now 13 weeks old.Read more here!


Today the last puppie has left our home! It was miss White, Tskekone Ridge "Corinne" who moved to her new owner Birgitta Frimodig in Strängnäs. We will also wish them the best of luck! Now we only have our own four little "terrorists" left and it will be a lot of work with them:-)


It has been a lot of puppies moving in and out of here! Last thuesdag we went to Hedemora to get our puppies from kennel Great after our "Gaston" and Ksena. They are called Lenskij and Taiga. The puppie pack are now refilled again!

Taiga andLenskij has their own pages and more pictures are coming!

Yesterdag miss green "Ice" and miss pink/green "Zoey" moved to their new familys. They have moved to the Hamrén and the Näsman family in Kungsängen. It feels great to have two puppies near by and we wish all of them the best of luck!!

These great pictures has been sent to us by "Cindies" mom, Josefine. Thank you for these great pictures!


Some of the puppies have now moved to their new homes! Yesterday miss Apricot "Cindie" went to Luleå with her new mom Josefin Andersson. Later that day also miss Red "Naali" moved. She went to Särna to live with Cassamira's Titan Av Saturnus "Nansen" and the rest of the pack of hunting dogs and of course their owners Nathalie and Samuel.

Today miss Pink "Kena" flew together with her new mom Arnhild to Norway and the rest of the Sugustad family in Trondheim.

We whish all of the new owners best of luck with their new familymembers!

Later this week the rest of the puppie pack will move to their new homes, except for Storm and Lava who stays with us.

The puppie page has been uppdated with some new pictures of them.


Today we went to the woods for the first time with the puppies, and they really had a great time there! Look at some new pictures here and in the puppie gallery.


Sadly our beloved"Happie", whos lived with Katri, is no longer with us. She became 10½ years old and she will be missed! Her page is now under the "memory lane".


New pictures at the puppies here!-->>


Some new pictures of the puppies in the gallery.


Today the puppies are 5 weeks! New individual pictures here-->>


Look at some new pictures in the puppie-gallery-->>


The puppies are growing fast, and now they are all ower the livingroom floor. Look at some new pictures of them here -->>


Now the puppies are 3½ weeks, new pictures here-->>


Some new pictures at the puppie page! -->>


The puppies are growing, now they are 10 days! Se more pictures here-->>


Look at some pictures of the puppies here-->>


Finally has Peak's puppies arrived! The results of long whelping was one boy and seven girls! They are all well and Peak is quite busy looking after them in the "puppiebox"!


Gaston has now become the father of 8 puppies at kennel Great! There is 2 males and 6 females in the litter and they are all well!


Now it's confirmed that Peak is pregnant! We are looking forward to the end of week 33!


Finally the webpage is also availible in English!


Peak is mated! We hope we have some samoyed puppies in the middle of August. Thank you Linda for the picure of Peak and Silas!


Our very good leaddog Gaston has mated Ksena! She lives with us during the winter season and participate in all our races. Ksena is owned by Elga Carlsson at kennel Great. Read more here-->>


Yesterday we went to the SPHK Mälardalen dogshow in the beautiful Ånnaboda. The judges were Robert Sellevik - SH and Ewa Widstrand. Noomi got excellent and became no 2 in the Cc. Chiyo got the same in working class and ended as no 3 in the Cc.       To our great surprise and pleasure, Celsius ended up as Best Male with CAC, BOS and BOB Working Dog!! Thank you all for a very pleasant day!!

  A happy Celsius!


We are planning a samoyed litter! See more -->>


We are back home again after an enjoyable and eventful week in Särna at Polar Distans.

Our goal this season has been to complete the whole PD 160 and preferrably with all the eight dogs participating from the start. It feels very rewarding to have completed that goal and to see that the dogs were so fit during the whole distance.

  The start this Tuesday!

The weather has been changing a lot, from hard winds to sunny skies, but the dogs have all been doing their very best during the whole race. Gaston and Amalthea have really fulfilled their duty as lead dogs, and without losing their focus they have led the the team the whole way.

Happy daddy and dogs after finishing the race this Wednesday!

It has been extra enjoyable to observe that four samoyed teams both started in and completed the race. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you and especially to Morten Hölland who took the silver only 31 minutes after the winner! See the complete results at

Morten Hölland's start!

  Maren Espelien's team at the finishline!

A part ofAndreas Akerets team!

When Chrille had started I had the pleasure of helping out as a functionary and this is something that I really can recommend everybody to try. Especially if you are thinking about starting in the race it is a great opportunity to learn more. There is also a chance of meeting dogs and mushers from different nations.

BIG THANKS to the organizers, SPHK Västra, who have done an amazing job to be able to pull off the PD this year as well and that despite a VERY LOW number of functionaries!


After a few hectic days in Furudal we are back home again. We had to shovel a lot of snow when we arrived last night but that bodes well for the training to come! We have had very pleasant days together with dear friends and big thanks to Kjell Jonsson who has worked hard with the trails (this year as well) as much more snow than we had ordered arrived Thursday night! Thanks also to all the rest of you who have been working hard for making this year's "samoyed week" as pleasurable as always!

On Friday the weather was cold and beatiful, but judges Jan-Åke Stäv and Jesper Andersson did a great job and judged around 90 dogs during the day. "Peak" and "Chiyo" were exhibited in working class. Peak was judged very good and Chiyo excellent and CK. Chiyo finished 3rd in the competition class. "Nansen" was also exhibited, with the judgement "excellent".

THANK YOU Helene and Emelie for handling!

Nathalie and Nansen. Foto: Samuel Jakoby

The annual race, this year named "Ore-draget", took place on Saturday and Sunday. 6 dogteams started in the 6-dog-team class, 13 teams in the 4-dog-team class and 12 participants in Nordic class and line. This year all the Nordic countries were represented in the sled dog classes!

Samuel and Nansen started in the Nordic 1-dog-team class and finished in a 3rd position!

Ole and Amber started in the class for line. They weren't the fastest team on the trail but instead they recieved an honorable last place-award for using the trails thoroghly!

Chrille started in the 6-dog-team class and was able to defend last year's gold medal, immediately followed by Diana Karlsson. The bronze went to Elisabeth Hölland from Norway. In the team Chrille had: Gaston, Peak, Celsius, Ksena, Mimas and Little Rocky's Queen Bella Donna, owned by Marie-Louise Lakjer. Celsius and Peak recieved "the swedish working test 2" each and by that they get the working title PDP!

At the start the second day!!

Congratulations to Fredrik Petri who also defended his gold medal and won without any competition in the 4-dog-team! Kristin Nörve from Norway took the silvermëdal and the bronze went to Finland and Ari Tolonen.

To view the complete results, click here-->>>

A new photo of Celsius is available in his gallery, thanks to Millan for the picture!


This weekend we participated in SPHK Mälardalen's KM in Hamra. The organizers had worked hard for many hours with the trails which resulted in great achievements! Thank you everybody for a very nice weekend and CONGRATULATIONS to all the Club Masters.  

Chrille ran 2 x 30 kms in the total time of 5 hrs ands 21 mns. Unfortunately he was all  alone in the sled dog class at that distance.

 The first days start, Gaston och Amalthea in leadposition. Photo: Josefin Andersson

Celsius, Peak and Ksenia each received "the swedish working test B". Ksena was thereby awarded the working title PDP!

The day after the races was bright with sunshine. We decided to take a run in the 12 km trail in the sun. It had been a bit colder during the night so now the trails were perfect!

Peak and Mimas in the leadposition.  Photo: Josefin Andersson


We have received a beautiful picture from the training in Ryssjön, Inge Hillborg is the photographer. Thanks to Petter for the nice photo and for marvellous training tracks.

Photo: I Hillborg

Here we are training at full force for the Polar Distans. We have had really good conditions here at home during the winter, but that is over now. Now it is all ice on the ground, as usual at this time of year.

Because of that Chrille and the samoyeds have been in Ryssjön this weekend and trained in the very fine trails available there.

Gason och Amalthea leading the team.

We have borrowed the capable "Ksena" from Kennel Great this season as well!

Next weekend is the KM in Hamra. We hope for great trails and look forward to meeting friends.

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