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about us

The owner of Cassamira´s kennel is Camilla Dehlin-Johansson and Katri Nyholm. Camilla lives with her husband Christer, who is also  very involved in the kennel, in Bålsta outside of Stockholm. Katri lives in Tärnsjö with Tony Nordström.

Camilla has had samoyeds since 1993 and Katri since 1988. Since 2005 there are also a couple of  siberian huskys at Camillas.

Our goal is to keep the samoyed breed healthy and sound with good working skills.

Serac 15 weeks old

A little more about Katri:

In 1988 I got my first samoyed dog, a bitch from Explorer's Kennel, Explorer's Light My Fire "Gischa".  She was my everything, but unfortunately she passed away from illness  only 9 years old. After Gischa it took me two years before getting my next samoyed, This time a male from Plogen's Kennel named Plogen's Fabulous Fazer "Amadeus".

Over the years there have been many samoyeds in my life but the ones currently living with me are the daughter of "Amadeus", Plogen's Happie Haughti "Happie" and the granddaughter Cassamira's Heavenly Himla "Himla". We have been doing a lot of obidience training, agility and shows and in the last years even some doglsedding.

Since 2010 I also have a american cocker spaniel.

A little more about Camilla:

We bought our first samoyed dog in 1993, Great Shivoj Jaroff ”Chiro”. He was a replacement dog that Elga Carlsson, kennel Great, had bred.  He became a dear friend and a fine sled dog. One year later we got another dog, this time a puppy from the breeders of Plogen's kennel,  Plogen's A' Gio-Kashmir 'Micha'. With these dogs we experienced a lot of joy, both on the trail and in everyday life. 

In 1998 we took an offspring from ”Chiro”, Sun Master´s Man On The Moon ”Cosmos” and soon after that we also bought his sister "Casey". With these dogs our great interest for dogsledding began. Over the years our dog yards have been filled with both samoyeds and siberian huskies. Our first samoyedlitter was born in 2006.




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